Board of Directors

Columbus Ultimate Disc Association is run by a 5 person Executive Board of Directors and 4 additional members comprising the Governing Board.

Picture of Mike Sauter

Mike Sauter President

Mike was a general and war hero who reached the Presidency of CUDA in 2012. It would be 35 years before he left office, and it took nothing less than the Mexican Revolution to dislodge him. Sauter was a special sort of dictator, as historians today still argue whether he was one of CUDA's best or worst presidents ever. His regime was quite corrupt and his friends became very wealthy at the expense of the poor, but there is no denying that CUDA made great steps forward under his rule. 

Picture of Karen Hines

Karen Hines Vice President

Karen can read, rock a mustache if the mood calls, and roar like a liger but can't chug a beer to save her life.

Picture of Michelle Taylor

Michelle Taylor Secretary

There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of animals Michelle allows to live.

Before they met Michelle, the Black Eyed Peas were simply known as "The Peas."

There used to be a bridge named after her, but the name was changed because no one crosses Michelle and lives.

Picture of Patrick Gleason

Patrick Gleason Treasurer

Likes long walks on the beach, trivia, Chrissy, bear hugs, making up stories, Chicago Blackhawks, candles, and tacos.

Picture of Steve Dober

Steve Dober Director of Promotions

Hailing from the far off land of Cleveland, young Steve had to make a name for himself at a young age due to suffering from almost-middle-child-syndrome. He decided to become the greatest living plumber of all time. Unfortunately his dreams were dashed when he learned that he'd have to don a mandatory plumber's crack at all times. Steve's too classy for that shit.

Picture of Kurt Ritzman

Kurt Ritzman Webmaster

Kurt was the youngest ever member elected to the CUDA board at the tender age of 8 months old.  Though unable to walk, talk, or control bodily functions without the aid of a diaper, Kurt has displayed a remarkable aptitude with sending mass emails and uploading CSV files.

Picture of Chrissy Hedges

Chrissy Hedges Volunteer Coordinator

The most beautiful girl I ever met, not because of her physical beauty but the beauty of her character and who she is.  Even though she was fighting leukemia and fighting various things, she always found time to serve someone else.

Picture of Mark Jaworski

Mark Jaworski Youth Coordinator

"Mark: the most sexy, erotic, flirtatious, hot stuff, bootylicious 4 letter word you'll ever see. Of you take the mark out of supermarket, all you're left with is superet and that's pretty stupid cause why would you go out to the superet, it makes no sense. Mark means warlike. It's definitely the coolest word/name ever cause if you spell it frontwards and backwards, it's different!!!" - Urban Dictionary 

Picture of Lindsey Billingsley

Lindsey Billingsley Social Media Coordinator

Om nom nom.